Can I direct my donation to a specific purpose?

We encourage donors to direct their gifts toward the type of programming or resource that is most meaningful to them, and we welcome new suggestions for fund usage. On our website donation page there is also a section in which you can. pre-chosen uses for your donation. To make a donation by credit card click here.

Can I interview a Centre for DREAMS staff member?

We would be happy to share with you what an amazing organization we have. You are welcome to email us 10 clearly written questions via email and we will respond within a week. However, we always recommend an in person interview during program hours (9am-4pm weekdays) to truly experience what The Centre for Dreams is truly about!

Do you offer tours of your facility?

If you are interested in a tour of our amazing facility, please call us at 905-209- 9092 to make arrangements with one of our staff.

Do you provide field education or co-op placements for High School, College or University students?

Yes, we are committed to providing meaningful and challenging volunteer student placements.Please contact Sarah Little, Program Manager for more information and visit our section regarding co-op placements.

Does The Centre for Dreams offer summer programming?

Yes, in the summer we offer special programming that is accessible to non-members. Please contact Sarah Little , Program Manager.

Does The Centre for Dreams offer parent relief or respite?

The Centre for Dreams offers day supports only. There is no respite offered on the weekend or during the evening.

Does The Centre for Dreams get funding from the Government?

The Centre for Dreams receives a foundation grant annually from the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The grant only accounts for 14% of our annual income. The remaining income is received through our members’ fees, donors and fundraising initiatives.

Can I volunteer my time with The Centre for Dreams?

Volunteer involvement is essential to the success of our organization. We value your innovative and individualized ideas. Through careful recruitment, selection and supervision, our volunteers work in partnership with our dedicated staff to enhance ourservices and to achieve your personal and professional goals.

To apply, please complete the application and submit it in person or via email to Sarah Little, Program Manager. Should you have any further question, feel free to contact Sarah Little at 905-209- 9092 ext. 226.

Volunteer Application sarah@centrefordreams.ca

Is there a fee for the programs and services offered by The Centre for Dreams?

The program fee for our services is $56/day. We only offer 2, 3 and 5 day options for attending the program.Although we cannot subsidize the fee for program, members can use their funding, Passports funding or ODSP in order to help covers the costs to attend the program.

What qualifies a person to receive services from The Centre for Dreams?

The Centre for Dreams provides services for individuals over the age of 16 that are diagnosed with a developmental disability.