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At The Centre for Dreams, we never lose sight of a mother’s dream for her child. It’s about a boy, a special boy that inspired a place where dreams can come true.
Serving over 30 members across York and Durham Regions


History The Centre for Dreams began with Elaine Vollett, the mother of a son with a developmental disability. When her son turned 21 and was no longer able to remain in the school system, Elaine began a program which would allow her son, and many others, the chance to experience life and all the experiences life has to offer take which many others for granted.

Our Program covers fundamental subjects such as basic reading skills, how to use the public transit system, how get jobs to earn and handle their own financial management, general health and hygiene, social and behavioural skills. Among others, we strive to give each member the ability to lead a meaningful life in our society.

The Centre for Dreams stands for Developing Relationships with Exceptional Adults in Modern Society.

Our Mission

The mission of The Centre for Dreams is to enhance the knowledge of our clients, with developmental disabilities in a variety of settings, within their community, to empower them to become independent, dignified and respected members therein. We are dedicated to providing the opportunities and the means for our youth and adult members to focus on their abilities and not their disabilities through educational, social and life skill programs. We are one community with countless Dreams.

Our Vision

Our vision at The Centre for Dreams is that all youth and adults living with a developmental disability have full access to community resources and social supports in an accessible and non-judgemental setting.

The Centre for Dreams will continue to provide high quality and innovative support services that responds to the changing needs of each individual. Continued emphasis will be placed on the provision of services through collaboration.

Education and community outreach will be integral to the services at The Centre for Dreams. Our presence in the community will provide a powerful voice on behalf of the individuals we serve. The Centre for Dreams will continue to be a leader in field education for high school, college and university students. We will expand our educational services to those who express an interest in learning about charitable organizations, particularly with individuals living with a developmental disability.

Our Core Values

The Centre for Dreams celebrates the abilities and differences of each individual and takes pride in the diversity of our organization. Each person has the right to a life filled with dignity and respect.

1) The members are the quintessential focus that is the driving force of our organization
We strive to create an oasis for our clients. The Centre for Dreams is a positive learning environment where all clients are accepted and where all accomplishments are celebrated with great pride. All members are inspired and encouraged to take risks in order to develop their skills and achieve their dreams.
2) We offer educational and innovative programming
The personal growth of each individual requires both cooperative and collective action allowing our members to determine and reach their fullest potential. As a cohesive unit, we establish all aspects of programming to ensure the highest level of excellence. Individualized and challenging programs are offered which are dynamic, enriching and meaningful to all members in a lively and empowering environment.
3) Employees must have a genuine care and concern for our members
All employees of The Centre for Dreams are encouraged to appreciate that Dreams is an unconventional environment whereby professionalism and passion are equally important. Despite the eccentric environment, all employees will provide our members with exceptional curriculum through mentorship and energizing leadership.
4) Each person has an unquestionable worth and the right to free participation and full integration in all aspects of their community
The Centre for Dreams participates fully in the greater community. We create partnerships with similar organizations, act as a source of information expanding worldwide, and participate in a number of corporate initiatives. Through the opportunities that we provide to our community, we will cultivate individuals to become leaders of our community. We strive to create access and encourage social interactions all the while providing a safe environment for our members.
5) We will gain stability through meaningful relationships and innovative fundraising
The Centre for Dreams is dedicated to establishing superior relations with donors and volunteers through our appreciation and recognition programs. A sense of security and equitable standards among staff will be achieved as a result of the financial stability of our organization.
6) A strong foundation is built through genuine qualities
Applying personal values to the workplace releases fresh energies, which always attracts success, achievement, and well-being. All individuals participating in the operation of The Centre for Dreams believes that when personal values are applied, great accomplishments and success are sure to follow.