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2023 Annual Awards Evening

On Friday, September 29th The Centre for Dreams continued our annual tradition and held our 15th annual Awards Night with a circus theme for this edition of the night. We were ecstatic to be able to return to our favourite venue at The Bridge: Community Church for the first time in over 3 years, and hold our night amongst the fabulous renovations that the church has completed! As always, the event was once again a heart-warming and uplifting celebration that honoured the hard work and incredible achievements of our AMAZING members throughout the past year. We were honoured to present each of our members with the “Shooting Star” award and see first-hand how much this recognition means to each and every one of them as they came up on stage to accept their well-deserved awards!


This night is all about recognition to everyone past and present who helps our organization not only sustain but to thrive as well. We had the opportunity to honour our past years Placement students who help our program immensely during their hours spent with us, all of our Dreams families who we love making a part of our big Dreams family at events such as this, and of course our valued community partners for all of their contributions to our organization.


Another highlight of the evening was the premiere of the Centres latest entry into the Pegasus Incredible Film Festival (PIFF). Our attendees were treated to a professionally shot video that showcased The Centre for Dreams “Live beyond the label” (BTL) campaign, which of course featured our fabulously talented actors!

Our Awards Night continues to be a cherished tradition for the Centre for Dreams, bringing together our community in the spirit of a appreciation and recognition. It was once again our pleasure to host this event and we hope all of our attendees had an amazing evening, and are eagerly looking forward to seeing everyone at next years event!

Enjoy all of our memories for this amazing night!

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