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Active Living

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is extremely important to the personal well-being of our members. The Active Living Program takes place in three ways; recreation, functional fitness, and nutrition.  The members engage in various forms of recreation such as; basketball, soccer and parachute games on a weekly basis at a local gymnasium.  Functional fitness works to promote the five basic movements of the body; push, pull, bend, twist and lift.  In being active comes the understanding of life skills with respect to personal hygiene and laundry duties.  Lastly, our Healthy Snack program assists in promoting healthier choices as well as educating the members on the importance of nutrition based on Canada’s Food Guide.


Mind, Body & Soul

The Centre for Dreams prides itself on providing a diverse array of functional programming. Our alternative therapy program allows us to provide our members with unique lessons, which directly affect their well-being. The Centre’s “Mind, Body, and Soul” programming gives the  Dreams members a chance to explore and learn about the three most important aspects of any individual wellness plan. While exploring the mind, members engage in lessons where they learn the role the “mind” has in our everyday health, forming thoughts, memories, learning new tasks, forming new relationships, and developing and regulating emotions all which factor into individual wellness in various ways. The “body”, or physical aspect of wellness, is where our members discover how physical activity can play a major role in how we feel and affect our overall health. Physical activity, importance of adequate sleep, and healthy eating are all lessons which help members implement a path of wellness into their everyday routine. Finally, the “soul” gives the opportunity for the Dreams members to explore self-awareness, practice breathing, self-regulation, belonging, and finding an inner connection to themselves. Alternative therapies continue to allow us to provide members with new ways to learn about themselves in new and exciting ways, and the “Mind. Body, and Soul” program is no different.

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