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Immersive Experiences

Being the progressive day program that we are, striving to bring our members new and exciting forms of programming is important. We have many types of alternative therapies we offer our members to enrich their experience at the Centre and incorporate all of the senses at the same time. Alternative therapies including; Therapy through art, Therapy through Music, Snoezelen, Culinary Therapy, Horticulture Therapy and Touch Tank Water Therapy, encourage our members to express themselves inclusive of all their abilities.

Our light table allows our members to practice letter and word recognition, matching, counting and many other lessons in an immersive experience. Touch Tank Water Therapy acts as an alternative way to learning academics and social skills through therapeutic touch. 


Our sensory wall allows for a choice of sensory activities that suits each members needs allowing for a broad range of alternative methods of programming. The annual balcony garden gives the members an option of learning about plants, healthy eating, as well as sustaining and harvesting fruits and vegetables each summer.


At the Centre for Dreams our alternative therapies offer a unique and exciting way for our members to communicate, learn team building/leadership skills and develop cognitively in an experience unlike other programming.

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