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Amy Zhou
Program Supervisor

I pursued my degree in Social Work with the passion in creating positive and effective change within the community and individual’s lives. Raised in an immigrant family living with a learning disability, school was always a challenge due to the barriers and stigma that comes with the label of having a disability. I was able to overcome different levels of stigma through advocacy and resilience. While advocating for myself, my passion working with individuals living with a developmental disability has blossomed. My goals are to help individuals at a micro-macro level to achieve goals and receive equal opportunities in society while living with a developmental disability.   


I was matched in fall 2021 as a practicum student at The Centre for Dreams. Prior to completing my practicum, I was excited to work within this population and navigate ways to create sustainable change. Throughout the eight months as a practicum student, I fell in love with The Centre for Dreams as a whole. The members who have shown me a new vision in life and what it is like to be a dignified individual within our community. I cannot wait to continue my journey at Dreams and all the amazing things that are in store for me!

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