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Danny is a Bright Light that
Sparkles and Shines


Introducing Danny

Danny is a 3rd born son, baby of the family. He has an older brother, and sister. Both are married with children making Danny an uncle to Ella and Eve, and Tyler. 


He is a bright light that sparkles and shines and lights up any room he walks into. The love and childlike humility that he possesses cannot be missed.  Anyone who knows Danny can only describe him as loving. One of his highest skills are social, outgoing and funny.


He lives at home with mom and dad, and is such a great help always ready to do whatever is asked of him. His free time includes, drawing, singing, “Rock and Roll” night of course, and movie night on Sundays.


When he was born, they painted a very dark picture of what he would be, and we were also given slim chances of surviving open heart surgery at 7 months old.  Well, he has proven the doctors wrong on all counts and lived way past their expectations of him.  Danny was born with Down syndrome and when we were told about his heart diagnosis, they asked if we wanted to opt out of giving a lifesaving surgery and just let him expire.  God had a different plan for our son. He not only came through one open heart surgery but a second one at 9 years old. There were many more obstacles he overcame, and we thank God for seeing us through each one. Because of this trial, we, his parents came into a relationship with Jesus Christ.


We have not been the same since and our lives are so enriched and filled with purpose.

We are humbled by God’s goodness to us and thank Him every day for the treasure He gave us in Danny.  Also, our whole family, who also came to faith in Jesus.


Danny completed a grade 12 integration program at St Roberts High School. Afterwards was enrolled in the Centre for Dreams.  This program has given him the independence and skills necessary to make him feel like a productive member of society.  Elaine and Michelle have been instrumental in this very important program for Danny and the others. He looks forward to going every day of his schedule and prepares all his necessary things for the next day. We had no idea what he would do after high school and were praying for an answer from the Lord. Then a friend introduced us to Elaine and the rest is history.


Danny is 44 years old today, and doing great!

I would like to end with a poem I wrote. God inspired me to write when Danny was born, which resulted in 3 books.  Here is a poem out of one of those books.

Happy Birthday Danny

You were born, my son, on a day like today,

Our hearts filled with joy, God blessed us again,

But soon intercepted, by shattering news

Some doctors suggested, we get rid of you.

“He will never do things, like other boys and girls,

Why bring on more pain, on you and his world?”

But I’m here oh my son, to tell you today

That God intercepted the devils’ lying game.’

God showed me the sin debt His Son paid for me,

His love that ran red, as He helped me believe.

He showed me, my son, that you were quite whole,

And that you would bring many to believe in our God.

I find it amusing as I sit and reflect

That in spite of the odds you had such an effect.

It wasn’t an eloquent word that you spoke,

Or an ocean that you had to swim,

It was God giving us an incredible role,

As He drew our family to Him.

You have such a built in infusion of joy,

And a smile that gives off rays of peace,

We will be forever grateful O Lord

For You changed our Life’s destiny.

To all the doctors that gave us no hope,

And predicted a shortened life span,

I want them to know, and take a good look,

How that baby is now a young man!!

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