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DreamWorx Job Training Program

The Centre for Dreams Job Skills Training Program works homogeneously with the DreamWorx Program.  The Job Skills Training Program works to provide our members with basic job skills that apply to various workplace environments such as; sweeping, mopping, cleaning surfaces, filing, categorizing etc. Through this program the goal is for our members to determine the workplace environment that best suits their abilities, likes and desires.  Once this has been determined and the necessary skills have been perfected, the member is then able to join the DreamWorx Program and practice it in an actual workplace environment.  The DreamWorx Program provides our members with the opportunity to showcase their abilities in the workplace.

The DreamWorx program provides our members specialized job skills training in hopes of increasing their independence at their work placements. The DreamWorx room at the centre has been set up to reflect the three industries our members are a part of: retail, grocery and restaurant. It has been envisioned and designed to replicate our members’ work environment so they can receive one on one job coaching at the centre and continue to excel at their work placements.

There are three separate curriculums designed based on their work industries. The curriculums are centered around retail, grocery and restaurant environments.  Each curriculum has topics that pertain to the members’ work placements. Our program has been structured for approximately one topic per month where our members focus on knowledge and skills pertaining to the topic. In the final week of the month, our members are tested through a ‘performance task’ where they showcase the skills and knowledge learnt over the month. 

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