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Meet Jeany 

Hi, my name is Linda. Jeany is my older sister by 5 years. She just turned 53. Jeany was born with developmental/intellectual disabilities that occurred at birth.


Jeany has been attending The Centre for Dreams for many, many years. It was a great relief to my parents to find Dreams (through a social worker). As a result of Dreams programming, Jeany has been able to engage outside of the home and from immediate family, continue to learn and make friends.


She is not good at math or counting money. Nor is she good a reading or writing or creating sentences. However, you can tell that she likes these activities because she constantly asks for help to complete activity sheets returning from Dreams. She also enjoys making grocery lists and asks for help on how to spell her favourite foods: avocados, olives and cheese!


One of the transformations we have noticed in Jeany as a result of attendance at Dreams is how social and welcoming, she has become. Growing up, she used to be very quiet and shy. Despite the developmental stuff, we are able to see her true personality – she is caring, likes to help and likes to be around people. She is an upbeat person and enjoys greeting everyone in the house with a loud “Good morning!” every morning.  


We are very impressed with the DreamWorx program at the centre! We were SO delighted to see Jeany get placed at No Frills and to see her out in the community – widening her scope.


Recently, she has had to overcome a sudden death in the family. About one year ago, our father was diagnosed with abdominal cancer, stage 4 and passed away within two months. During the course of his illness, she showed great patience and true concern.  We are all managing as best we can and trying to fill gaps from his absence to support her needs.


We are grateful for Dreams and home away from home it provides for her.

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