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Meet Kelly

A.K.A.  Supergirl,  A.K.A.  Kelly K Pumpkin, A.K.A  Partygirl, A.K.A. Dancing Queen.

After her sister Rebecca was born with Global Developmental delay, we were unsure about having more children, and did due diligence in learning about the likelihood of having another child with the same condition. Being assured that it was “just one of those things”, and most likely due to the difficult and traumatic birth we experienced with her sister, we were still hesitant.  But lucky for us, we received the surprise news that another baby was on its way and were blessed with the birth of Kelly.


Right from the beginning, she was a pumpkin. Extra-wide body sleepers were a must.  She was almost as wide as she was long. Happy as can be, big chubby cheeks surrounding a huge smile. Talkative from the get-go, she always let others know she was in the room, sought their attention and she got it. It wasn’t hard to gush over her.  We were somewhat relieved that Rebecca would have a loving, healthy sister to always be by her side.  But our journey took a different turn.


We watched her closely in those first months, now keenly aware of how to recognize what was supposed to be a very slim possibility. When telltale milestones were not being met, we quickly found ourselves back with the doctors & specialists at Sick Kids. But only long enough to get an official diagnosis. We’ve been here before.  We already know how to do this.  We’ll just do it.  Again.


As Kelly grew, and her larger than life personality blossomed, we have come to know nothing but gratitude for that different turn in our journey.  She made our family not only complete, but perfect.

She is loving, and funny and kind.  Kelly loves to create a party everywhere she goes, and will ask you to crank up the tunes if Justin Bieber is playing.  She loves fashion and if you let her, she will change her outfit 5 times a day.  Kelly loves her dog Josie who sleeps curled up with her every night. She is a terrific bowler, with or without gutter guards, and has a curve ball even the Blue Jays are jealous of.


She has assumed the role of big sister, seemingly aware that Rebecca has more limitations than she does, and looks after her in every way. Kelly often stays behind from the rest of the group to make sure her sister is OK, and doesn’t budge until Rebecca is looked after. She has a huge heart, loves her sister and always keeps us informed of how Rebecca is.


When school ended, we already knew from having Rebecca there that Dreams was where Kelly needed to be. We were lucky to secure her a spot there too, and like her sister, she has fit right in and flourished. They cater to her outgoing personality, and encourage and enable her to push herself and grow. When Kelly became a BTL ambassador helping other kids understand who the people at Dreams are and what they contribute, we were so proud and grateful for our Dreams family to give her that and many other opportunities.  We can’t wait to see what she does next!


For now, we’ll dance like queens.


Just ask Kelly.

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