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Our History

At the Centre for Dreams, we never lose sight of a mothers’ dream for her child. It’s about a man that inspired a place where dreams can come true.


The Centre for Dreams began with Elaine Vollett, the mother of a son with a developmental disability. When her son turned 21 and was no longer able to remain in the school system, Elaine began a program which would allow her son, and many others, the chance to experience life and all the experiences lie has to offer which many others take for granted.


Since 1991, The Centre for Dreams has played an important role in working towards a more inclusive community for individuals living with a developmental disability. Our education day program, which operates out of Markham, provides a much-needed service after adults turn the age of 21 are no longer supported through the public-school system.

Celebrating thirty years in 2021 is a huge accomplishment.  We can't wait to see what the next thirty years brings our way!

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