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Virtual Programming

As a result of COVID-19, our program has had to make multiple changes in not only how we deliver programming but also in tools and resources that we utilize to deliver our programs. Our individuals have not only been further isolated due to COVID-19 but have also lost their sense of routine. Our individuals may not necessarily be, medically more susceptible to the virus, however, they show increased vulnerabilities to other effects of COVID-19: poverty, isolation, increased barriers to accessing social, physical, educational, emotional and community supports. 


The realities of COVID-19 are such that a number of people are not comfortable returning to on-site programming due to the ominous threat of COVID-19. However, they are willing to participate in virtual programming where interactive learning space is created. We have been able to enhance our programming to include a virtual component allowing the program to be more accessible to those

individuals who are enrolled in our program and currently not able to attend in person. 


Virtual sessions are offered by synchronously and asynchronously.  Sessions will be offered 24-35 times per month with a staff member dedicated to ensuring that all lessons meet the mandate and mission of our organization.  We are so grateful to Ontario Trillium Foundation and United Way of Greater Toronto for providing us with grants to enhance our virtual programming for all members enrolled in our program. 

All of these enhancements to our programming have allowed an opportunity for our individuals to not only survive but thrive.

Interested in joining our virtual programming?  It is $300 per month for 24 sessions. 


Contact our Program Manager Kyle Graves for more details. 

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