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Wellness Weekend Fundraiser

February 6 & 7, 2021

Virtual Wellness Weekend 

The Centre for Dreams in partnership with Lululemon Markville is hosting a Virtual Wellness Weekend. The weekend will be about inspiring all of us to make wellness an integral part of our "getting back to normal."


Throughout the day on Saturday, February 6th and Sunday, February 7th there will be virtual sessions with Fitness Instructors, Yoga Instructors, a Physiologist, a Nutritionist, a Naturopath and even a cooking class. Our instructors will be coming to you live from amazing people who represent amazing organizations such as F45 Markham, Groove Barre Markham, Resilient Training & Rehabilitation, Functional Strength and Therapy, J2N Fitness, Spark then Ignite and Lifestyle by Sara.  


Tickets can be purchased through our page on Eventbrite. Tickets are $40 which gives you access to all of these amazing sessions all weekend long. Once you have registered and purchased your tickets, you will receive an email with the details of how and when to access the sessions.


Image by Jonathan Borba

Sample Saturday Schedule

Image by madison lavern

Sample Sunday Schedule

9am - Bodyweight, Strength & Mobility hosted by J2N Fitness


10am - Fitness Class hosted by Groove Barre Markham


11am - Fitness Class hosted by Functional Strength & Therapy


2pm - Maximizing Sleep & Mobility hosted by Alex Effer of Resilient Training and Rehabilitation Maximizing Sleep & Mobility

3pm - Chakra Basics and Manifestation by Linda Kang of Spark then Ignite


6pm - Quick and Easy Cooking by Lifestyle by Sara

10am - Workout hosted by F45 Markham


11am - Restorative Yoga and Stretching  Class hosted by Groove Barre Markham

2pm - Happy Skin & Gut Care hosted by Tiffany Cheung, Naturopath

Click on the Links to see the amazing work that all of these professionals do.
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