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Our Programs

Belonging is about more than just fitting in.  It's also about defining yourself and finding your purpose.  As a member, The Centre for Dreams gives everyone the flexibility, opportunity and support to explore opportunities, gain new skills and leverage their talents.  Our training and mentorship programs are developed to help them excel which is a key part of our commitment to working together as one team.

Our programs are adapted to meet the needs of each individual taking into consideration their abilities and their interests.  We provide opportunities for each of our members to develop a full range of social, personal and vocation skills.

Active Living

DreamWorx Job Training Program

Life Skills

Alternative Therapies

Functional Academics

Social Skills

Virtual Programming 

Additional Programs

Simply Beautiful-large 2.png

The Simply Beautiful Collection is a variety of handcrafted accessories created by the members at The Centre for Dreams.  Each piece from the collection tells a compelling story.  Told by the hands that put them together and one that reminds us to look at the world with optimism, passion and love.  As each bead, crystal and pearl are made unique, so are each of our members.  Everyone is Simply Beautiful. 

Check out some of members and their beautiful creations in our gallery.  


Beyond the Label (BTL) is an awareness campaign that focuses on building a more inclusive community by redefining and replacing labels that are given to us. Labels are disabling and being disabled is not defined by physical or cognitive limits, but social limits.


Challenger Baseball is a program that provides an opportunity for individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities to enjoy the full benefits of participating in baseball at a level structured to their abilities.  The program aims to teach these individuals the core life skills inherent to baseball, including teamwork, communication, determination, resiliency, inclusion, independence, confidence, self-esteem, social skills and courage. The program also aims to provide experiences that enhance the lives of children and youth with special needs and their families.

The Centre for Dreams launched this exciting program in the Fall of 2018.  Check out our gallery of pictures.  

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