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Beyond the Label


Beyond the Label (BTL) is an awareness campaign that focuses on building a more inclusive community by redefining and replacing labels that are given to us. Labels are disabling and being disabled is not defined by physical or cognitive limits, but social limits. Despite the social labels we have been given, whether by our race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability or religion, we have all been affected by the disabling effect of them in our society. For our members and individuals alike, the stigma of, “they can’t do that,” has not only segregated them, but also limited their opportunities to become contributing individuals in their communities. Beyond the Label is inspired by our members who choose to live beyond their label because it isn’t what defines them, rather it’s their good character.

Want to Join the BTL Movement?


Host a Presentation at Your School

Since 2013, The Centre for Dreams has traveled to over 40 elementary schools, high schools post-secondary institutes and churches in York Region, and has presented to over 3000 individuals to advocate for the abilities for those living with disabilities. We are happy to visit your elementary school and speak about Beyond the Label as it relates to anti-bullying initiatives for those living with disabilities. We are also able to visit a high school environment to speak to students in the Social Science Department, Religion Department, Civics and Careers Department and more. Our program can be specifically designed to be compatible with the current curriculum being taught at the secondary and/or post-secondary level.

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Host a Fundraiser on our Behalf

Host a fundraiser in your school, church or work place! Showcase the members hand crafted jewelry line, Simply Beautiful, or organize a holiday themed event to support The Centre for Dreams!
Fundraising can take shape in many forms. You can begin your fundraising initiative by collecting Dimes for Dreams. Did you know that if you fill a regular sized water bottle with dimes it is equal to $100? Start collecting Dimes for Dreams today by contacting  By collecting Dimes for Dreams you will be assisting our members with being able to live their Dreams!


Do you pledge to live beyond the label?

Take a few moments to take the Pledge and explain how you will Live Beyond the Label.


A Journey Beyond the Label

Your workshop will begin with a brief review of the historical frameworks of developmental disabilities as well as the history behind The Centre for Dreams day-program.
You will learn about appropriate terminology as well as a brief overview of different developmental disabilities. Alongside this intervention techniques and communication strategies based on the theoretical perspectives of developmental programming.
The session will culminate with an opportunity to put your new found skills into action where you will interact with adults living with developmental disabilities.

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