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COVID-19 Information

In response to COVID-19, The Centre for Dreams closed its doors for regular programming on March 15, 2020 as the Government of Ontario enacted a Declaration of Emergency.  We immediately ceased our regular day programming and began thinking about virtual alternatives.  We were fortunate to be able to re-open our doors to allow for hybrid programming on September 1, 2020.
The health and safety of The Centre for Dreams community has been the priority throughout the life of the pandemic.  These have been unprecedented times to which we stayed the course through these unchartered waters.  In accordance to our mission, The Centre for Dreams continued to offer our diverse education, social and life skills programs while implementing fun and inclusive learning opportunities.  Although we had to rethink our day to day programming and create a virtual platform, we vowed not to lose the integrity and wealth of learning opportunities for everyone involved.  Although there were a few bumps in the road, we were able to successfully navigate through the life of the pandemic. 

The health and safety of The Centre for Dreams community and the integrity of our programming will remain at the forefront of all decisions made as we now enter the recovery phase of the pandemic. 

Please refer to the following documents for additional information:
1. Review our Recovery Plan to see how we plan on shifting from pandemic response to pandemic recovery.

2. COVID-19 Guidance:  The Centre for Dreams

Thank you to all of the donors and sponsors of The Centre for Dreams.  Click here to see a full listing of donors.
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